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Petro-Chem Industries, Inc. was founded by Clifton Wolf in 1977 as a full service Machine and Fabrication Shop as well as an Equipment Design Manufacturer. We take great pride in servicing the greater Houston, Texas area with our Manufacturing Technology, Specialty Products, and Integrated Equipment that utilizes various power sources including Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical.

Although our primary focus lies within the Oil & Gas Industry, Petro-Chem has built equipment for numerous businesses including Spools, Coiled Tubing, Waste Water Processing, HVAC, and more recently, patented equipment and systems for Geothermal Loop Energy application.

We service three major worldwide tubing companies; these are Quality Tubing Inc., Global Tubing LLC, and Tenaris Coil Tubes, LLC. We have also designed and built equipment for large conglomerates including Shell, Exxon, Arco, Carrier, and NASA. Below is an outline of products we offer:

  • Steel Spools
  • Coiled Tubing Equipment 
  • Waste Water Processing Equipment 
  • Structural Tubing 
  • Construction and Industrial Elevators 
  • Aero Space Transportation Equipment 
  • Portable HVAC Equipment

Petro-Chem Industries, Inc. maintains a positive outlook for future business endeavors as our management team holds over 140 years of industry experience. Additionally, our Research and Development Department continues to troubleshoot as well as design new products proving our potential for growth and opportunity. We look forward to providing excellent customer service and quality products for many years to come.

Contact us today in Houston, Texas, for complete oil drilling equipment and coiled tubing products.