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Our primary focus lies within the Oil & Gas Industry, Petro-Chem has built equipment for numerous businesses including Spools, Coiled Tubing, Waste Water Processing, HVAC, and more recently, patented equipment and systems for Geothermal Loop Energy application.

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Compressor & Pump Components
In 1980, the company was incorporated and given a new title: Compressor and Pump Components, Co., Inc. Since then CPC has served as a manufacturer of Steel Spools used in the Coil Tube Industry. Each spool can be between 10-24 feet in diameter and hold up to 100,000 pounds of tubing.

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EnerBurn is a fuel borne combustion accelerator and reduces engine wear 40-50% and increases horsepower up to 4%. EnerBurn™ also employs patent-pending methodology to optimize treatment dosages and monitor selected fleets and applications to quantify the benefits.

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